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Unmade Film: The Staging

Unmade Film: The Staging evolved out of a collaborative workshop held in Ramallah and Jerusalem and was conceived with Frances Rifkin. The workshop explored forms of theatre developed by Augusto Boal in Brazil in the 1960s under the heading of the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’. Specifically, the focus was on Image Theatre, a form of theatre that uses images to convey abstract ideas as well as concrete narratives without recourse to language. The resulting tableaux vivants are complex translations of inner and outer realities into embodied images that allow multiple meanings, narratives and interpretations to emerge.

Workshop conceived in collaboration with Frances Rifkin
Workshop collaborators/actors: Ibrahim Alhindi, Fida Ghneim, Hussam Ghosheh, Dirar Kalash, Etienne Lopes, Aisha Majid, Airida Poskute, Diana Prim
Additional cast: Erick Beltran, Martín Soto Climent, Tarek Knorn, Julia Rometti, Tamara Tamini, Tom Nicholson
Additional camera: Issa Freij