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Tag: language


The Noise is Too Loud

The video shows a casting session with a native German speaking actor who is recording Karl Kraus’ famous outcry against the corruption of language in times of war given as a lecture in 1914.

Actor: Jürgen Schwarz


A Very Fine Cast (110 years)

“By privileging the linguistic over the visual, a subversive archive is built up which substitutes the traditional objects of the museum archive – the physical artefacts – for their verbal descriptions which unintentionally (on the part of the authors) catalogue the racist and colonial narratives that surround the Benin Bronzes into the present. Fixed and frozen by the printing process, these texts are produced from linguistic negative casts in the form of the metal engraving plates which, quite literally, set into relief the darker, historical context and frame for the museum collections.”

– Gilane Tawadros


Worldwide Benin

A roll call of over 500 museums and collectors – from the British Museum to André Breton – holding the famous Benin artefacts taken by the British in 1897 during the punitive expedition in Benin City, and now dispersed all over the world in major museums.  A ‘bronze’ vinyl represents a map of the world drawn by connecting these collections with each other.