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Saint Gervais, Geneva | Désirs sans destin

Group show curated by Anna Barseghian, Stefan Kristensen and Maya Bösch. Participating artists include Erroristas, Isabelle Papaloïzos, Takahiro Matsuo, Uriel Orlow, Thomas Schunke, Jeanne de Mont KavecS (Kostas Stafylakis and Vana Kostayola), Pauline Julier, François Deck, Ujjwal Utkarsh, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Barbara Baker, Esther Ferrer, Karine Piveteau, Marcela San Pedro, Estelle Zweifel, Rudy Decelière, Colin Legras, Haroutyoun Simonyan, and Michel Etter

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Tree Story | MUMA, Melbourne

Tree Story brings together creative practices from around the world to create a ‘forest’ of ideas relating to critical environmental and sustainability issues. At its foundation—or roots—are Indigenous ways of knowing and a recognition of trees as our ancestors and family. An exhibition, publication and podcast series, Tree Story takes inspiration from the underground networks, information sharing and mutual support understood to exist within tree communities, and poses the question: what can we learn from trees and the importance of Country? Curated by Charlotte Day and Dr Brian Martin.

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