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Venue: Sifang Art Museum Jiangsu

Future Ecologies | Sifang Art Museum, Jiangsu

WE ARE HERE is a series of five artists’ film programmes of compilations and installations curated by Tendai John Mutambu for the British Council and LUX, an international arts agency that supports and promotes artists’ moving image practices. Each programme is curated around a theme: national identity, marginality, intimacy, the future, and the archive. WE ARE HERE interrogates how outstanding emerging and established British or UK-based contemporary artists are influenced by these themes and how they explore them through biography, documentary, poetry and fiction.

The works by Charlotte Prodger, Louis Henderson, Ben Rivers and Uriel Orlow, composing the programme “Future Ecologies”, explore topics including traditional medicine in post-colonial contexts, the e-recycling of electrical appliances in Ghana to highlight, among other things, that minerals underpin technology, LGBTQI+ narratives, and future environments through a fictional monologue of a scientist living by herself in an artificial biosphere.

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