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Venue: CIC Cairo

Chronic| CIC, Cairo

Exhibition with works by The Abbasiya Outsiders, Alberto Grifi, Dora Garcia, Mohammad Shawky Hassan and Uriel Orlow. The title Chronic refers to a continuous state that lasts beyond an exceptional moment in time and is complex and severe in nature. Chronic considers emotional states ranging from a diffuse sense of fatigue or sadness to the trauma of people with experience of imprisonment and the history of the struggle to open mental institutions.

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CIC, Cairo | Hydrarchy

Transitional and Transformative Seas: Exhibition with Ayed Arafah, Bouchra Khalili, Uriel Orlow, The Otolith Group, Xaviera Simmons, Take To The Sea and Lawrence Weiner; curated by Mia Jankowicz and Anna Colin.