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Venue: Bildmuseet

Eight Degrees | Bildmuseet, Umeå

This exhibition brings together contemporary art exploring our complex relationships with the forest, ranging from ideas of an inviolable intrinsic value to the conception of something to be utilised, such as an economic asset or a space for recreation. What is a forest? And what pressing questions about it are relevant here and now?

Through photography, film, sculpture, drawing, textiles, sound and installations, artists, an architect and a storyteller invite us to reflect on the forest, observed and depicted from various perspectives and with diverse experiences. Their works provoke questions about tradition and future, forestry practices, land conflicts, biological diversity and the forest as a sacred space.

With works by Matti Aikio, Malin Arnell & Åsa Elzén, Gerd Aurell & Micael Norberg, Toms Kokins, Norrakollektivet (Anja Örn, Fanny Carinasdotter, Tomas Örn), Elia Nurvista, Edith Marie Pasquier, Jörgen Stenberg and Lena Ylipää.