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Person: Rachel Maisonneuve

1000écologies | Utopiana, Geneva

1000écologies is a platform that makes visible the links created by Utopiana through its workshops, residencies and events. It has three components: proposing, exhibiting and displaying. It’s like scaffolding, built up over time and from project to project, creating bridges between different approaches and disciplines.

This new edition of 1000écologies, entitled Ces jours terrestres, is a month-long journey organised by Utopiana, in collaboration with several partners, which gives its audience the opportunity to develop skills to re-inhabit our living spaces, to think about our relationships, our affects and our imaginations.

With woks by Marianne Villière, Ocean Schanz, Angeles Rodriguez, Raqs Media Collective, Rachel Maisonneuve, Christine Mackey, Jérôme Leuba & Marie Velardi, Collectif Hydromondes, Axelle Gregoire, Toma Gouband and many others.

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