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Person: La fabrique éditions

Une clameur | Fort l’Écluse and Château de Voltaire, France

At the initiative of Pays de Gex Agglo, the Atelier Bermuda curatorial team is taking over two heritage sites – Fort l’Écluse and Château de Voltaire.

Bringing together some fifteen local and international artists, the exhibition Une clameur covers the whole spectrum of the visual arts, from painting and performance to sculpture, film, photography and sound installation. A clamour evokes a collective cry, a unified chorus. It is the expression of a mass, a group, a community, which, in an exhalation, makes itself heard. It is a potential clamour, capable of challenging an established order. But the massive energy it releases remains distant, as if promised, indistinct and confused. This title, manifestly sonic and political, underlines the role of a profoundly augural art form.

With works along side Atelier Paysan, Max Bondu, Mathilde Chénin, Faire Argile, Félicien Goguey, Salomé Guillemin, La fabrique éditions, LB Plantes, Lou Masduraud, Louise Hervé & Clovis Maillet, Krishna May and many others.

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