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Person: Grace Ndiritu

British Art Show 9 | Aberdeen Art Gallery

The British Art Show is a landmark touring exhibition that celebrates the vitality of recent art made in Britain. British Art Show 9 was developed at a precarious moment in Britain’s history that has brought politics of identity and nation, concerns of social, racial and environmental justice, and questions of agency to the centre of public consciousness. The artists presented in the exhibition respond in critical ways to this complex context; imagining more hopeful futures and exploring new modes of resistance.

BAS9 is curated by Irene Aristizábal and Hammad Nasar and includes work by over 40 artists.

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In the Peaceful Dome | Bluecoat, Liverpool

In the Peaceful Dome is themed around transformation and continuity, time and time travel, and the intersection of the past and the future. The show will attempt to trace within this accumulation of history a continuum across time as culture shifts and the building itself undergoes profound change.  It raises questions about how the past informs the future and how art and arts venues might adopt a more civic role.

Including works by Roderick Bisson, Sean Borodale, Fanny Calder, Edward Carter Preston, Julia Carter Preston, Dan Coopey, Philip Courtenay & Yellow House, John Davies, Jacob Epstein, Edgar Grosvenor, The Grantchester Pottery, Janet Hodgson, Nathan Jones & Scott Spencer, Juniper Press, Sumuyya Khader, Donald Lynch, Joanne Masding, Syd Merrills, Grace Ndiritu, Uriel Orlow, William C. Penn, Jo Stockham, and Edmund Tan.

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National Gallery of Kosovo | Calling All the Stations

Group show with Nir Alon, Shqipe Ajeti, Antigona Selmani+Loreta Ukshini+Malsore Bejita, Gazmend Avdiu, Becky Beasley, Vanessa Billy, Tobias Collier, Radu Comsa, Bashkin Geci, Helidon Gjergji, Jeton Gusia, Fitore Isufi-Koja, Ismet Jonuzi, Venera Kastrati, Gani Llalloshi, Luljeta Leci, Alessandra Mancini, Lala Meredith-Vula, Jeton Muja, Grace Ndiritu, Uriel Orlow, Aghim Salihu, Driton Selmani, Artan Shabani, Valdeta Veliu-Vuciterna.

Curated by Michele Robecchi and Gazmend Ejupi.