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Person: Fernanda Botelho

Assembleia das Plantas | Galeria Municipal, Porto

The Gineceu & Estigma programme – whose epicentre is the Gardens of the Palácio de Cristal – aims to make people aware of new perspectives linked to the universe of Botany, through artistic creation and research into gender, politics and nature.

The programme includes conferences, workshops and interpretative courses on the botany of the garden, designed by researchers and guest artists, structured around two themes: Ecopensamento, which begins with ecocritical studies to foster discussion about new possibilities of interdependence between the natural, social and political domains; and Especulações Botânicas, in which questions are introduced that have been raised by artists about the science dedicated to the study of plants, such as the scientific nomenclature of species and recognition of empirical and popular knowledge about their healing powers.

Assembleia das Plantas is a workshop given by Uriel Orlow, and the result of a research residency that the artist carried out in the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, to give rise to an interpretation of the political, healing and historical implications of the relationship between humans and plants. It will consist of two connected moments.

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