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Person: Denis J Vickers

Botanical Becontree | Becontree estate, London

Uriel Orlow has created three maps to celebrate the centenary of the Becontree Estate. Through the rich variety of plant life found on the estate, the maps tell stories of global migrations, cultural history and botanical remedies. Looking at Becontree through the prism of plants, we can trace rich histories of global connections and migrations, discover food sources and healing remedies for the body, and encounter stories of traditional use or cultural significance. The maps are available free of charge at the Valence House Museum & Valence Library (Becontree Avenue), the White House (884 Green Lane) and throughout Becontree Estate.

Commissioned by CREATE for the Becontree centenary, based on a botanical survey of Becontree Estate conducted by Denis J Vickers, a consultant ecologist living on the estate.

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