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Person: Bill Viola

Cima Norma Art Festival | La Fabbrica del cioccolato Foundation, Torre-Blenio

Interdisciplinary artistic event, which revolves each time around issues of great relevance for our time, hold in the Jugendstil architectural spaces of this old chocolate factory. The main objective of this cultural festival, artistically directed by Elio Schenini, is to bring together artists who represent the most diverse artistic disciplines in the somewhat secluded but close contact with the nature of this disused industrial building, in this way offering the public the occasion to reflect on the important themes that concern mankind and its relationship with the world.

Shipwrecks and visions

The heart of the festival that gives the title to this year’s edition, is an exhibition featuring the works of a series of contemporary artists, including some prominent figures on the international scene. Among the artists on display: Julius von Bismarck, Oppy De Bernardo, Gysin & Vanetti, Uriel Orlow, Adrian Paci, Marco Poloni, Reto Rigassi, Simon Starling, Costa Vece and Bill Viola.

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You never know the whole story… | Kunstmuseum, Bern

Group exhibition with works by Judith Albert, Max Almy, Hanspeter Ammann, Knut Åsdam, Klaus vom Bruch, Balthasar Burkhard, Dimitri Devyatkin, Herbert Distel, AK Dolven, Chris Evans, Peter Fischli / David Weiss, Kit Fitzgerald, Herbert Fritsch, Michael von Graffenried, Luzia Hürzeler, Ute Friederike Juerz, Jutta Koether, Jochen Kuhn, Muriel Kunz, Maria Lassnig, Les Levine, Mark Lewis, Carlo E. Lischetti, MadeIn Company, Cory McCorkle, Gerald Minkoff, Tatsuyo Miyajima, Irene Muñoz Martin, Muriel Olesen, Uriel Orlow, May-Thu Perret, Elodie Pong, Sean Scully, René Pulfer, Markus Raetz, Pamela Rosary, Christoph Rütimann, Francisco Sierra, Tom Skapoda, Edin Velez, Christian Vetter, Bill Viola, Anna Winteler, Camilo Yañez.

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