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Person: Amina Ross

Flowering Substances | EMAF, Osnabrück, Germany

Screening of the film Muthi at the Lagerhalle, Osnabrück, as part of the “Flowering Substances- A Film Programme Like a Brew of Petals, Tears, and Rituals programme ” at the European Media Art Festival Nº37. Screening along side works by Dagie Brundert, Theo J Cuthand, Stuart Marshall, Santiago Lemus, Camilo Acosta, Zachery Longboy, Leslie Thornton an Amina Ross.

The EMAF screens experimental and artists’ films from around the world and is interested in forms that move along disciplinary peripheries or between film and performance, document and experiment. Short and long, digital and analogue films that relate to social and political reality in an exploratory and questioning way find their place here. At the same time, the EMAF is open to works that test new forms of cinematic presentation. Our aim is to make cinema a space for encounter and exchange: a space for projections beyond the status quo.

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