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Aargauer Kunsthaus | La jeunesse est un art

Survey show of Swiss artists curated by Madeleine Schuppli, including work by Vanessa Billy, Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, Stefan Burger, Valentin Carron, Davide Cascio, Philippe Decrauzat, Latifa Echakhch, Raphael Hefti,  Fabian Marti, Luc Mattenberger, Adrien Missika, Damián Navarro, Taiyo Onorato / Nico Krebs, Uriel Orlow, Mai-Thu Perret, Guillaume Pilet, Annaïk Lou Pitteloud, Kilian Rüthemann, Shirana Shahbazi.

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Oslo Kunstforening | Terrain vague -Persistent Images – حركات غير مكتملة 

An exhibition by Uriel Orlow and Céline Condorelli that explores blind spots, unexpected epilogues and disappearances in the history of twentieth century Egypt. A series of installations engage with the constitutive movements and stoppages affecting time and space: forced or arrested movements of people, the stopped flow of capital, political movements, removal of statues (and regimes) and migrating species.

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