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Person: Celine Condorelli

Oslo Kunstforening | Terrain vague -Persistent Images – حركات غير مكتملة 

An exhibition by Uriel Orlow and Céline Condorelli that explores blind spots, unexpected epilogues and disappearances in the history of twentieth century Egypt. A series of installations engage with the constitutive movements and stoppages affecting time and space: forced or arrested movements of people, the stopped flow of capital, political movements, removal of statues (and regimes) and migrating species.

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Tate Modern, London | A Reflection on Revolution in Egypt

Céline Condorelli and Uriel Orlow present: Straub / Huillet – Too Early, Too Late

Momentous events have been unfolding in the Middle East, pressing for meaningful ways to engage with what is happening in Egypt. As instantaneous newsfeeds pull us in different directions, there is a need to counter the speed of media coverage overwhelming our present. This event features a screening of the rarely seen film Too Early, Too Late (Trop tôt, trop tard) by Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, as a means to open up and reflect on the current moment. The screening is followed by voices of artists and curators from Egypt.

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